Health Insurance

doc_bluebackground420x315With nearly 20 years of experience, the health insurance experts at Gurley-Cooke Insurance can ensure the future and well being of your family by designing health insurance policies that best suit your needs and budget.

Individual Health Insurance

Navigating personal health insurance options can be a daunting task, but the health insurance experts at Gurley-Cooke are here to guide you to the best health insurance solution possible. Our nearly 20 years of experience allow us to provide solid recommendations and secure affordable health insurance policies with dependable coverage.

For your free health insurance quote give us a call today, or complete a free health insurance quote request and we will contact you shortly to discuss your specific health insurance needs.

Group Health Insurance

In addition to individual health insurance, Gurley-Cooke Insurance also offers group health insurance options to businesses across Alabama.

Although individual policies and carrier coverage details vary, group health insurance offers great coverage at a reduced price and is a highly sought after employee benefit.

Disability Insurance

At Gurley-Cooke Insurance we understand the financial strain disabilities or illness can bring to you and your family. With a disability insurance policy you can obtain additional coverage to ensure your family’s financial stability during times of need.

Disability insurance offers financial assistance for bills, educational expenses, mortgage payments and other more. Although specific benefits and compensation amounts depend on your specific policy, disability insurance coverage is an essential component of any insurance portfolio.

Long Term Care

Planning for the future is a necessary part of life and the insurance agents at Gurley-Cooke are here to help. Long term care insurance is essential in planning for your future care and to ensure your family’s continued financial security.

At Gurley-Cooke Insurance we work with multiple top insurance carriers to provide a variety of long term care options to meet your needs.