Home Insurance

whitehouse_420x315Our insurance professionals know how important it is to protect your home, property and valuables. Through our partnerships with multiple home insurance carriers we are able to provide comprehensive and affordable homeowners and property insurance options to residents across Alabama.

We offer a variety of property insurance options including homeowners insurance, condo and renters insurance, mobile home insurance, vacant and tenant dwelling insurance, flood insurance, personal umbrella insurance and more.

Allow the home insurance specialists at Gurley-Cooke Insurance to lead the way through category limits, per item limits and other complicated homeowners insurance restrictions to ensure your home and property are properly covered.

Condo Insurance

While condo associations usually carry some coverage for your condo community, you, the owner, are responsible for covering all personal property and belongings within your condo and the structure of the condo you own.

Renters Insurance

Protecting your valuables and possessions while you rent or lease property is essential.

If you are renting a home, apartment, townhome, condo or other property most leases and rental agreements leave you, the renter, in the de facto position of the property owner which poses a large amount of risk on renters.

Mobile Home Insurance

With nearly 20 years of experience, Gurley-Cooke Insurance understands the unique risks and liabilities associated with owning a mobile home. We offer a broad range of insurance options including comprehensive coverage for a variety of situations.

Vacant Dwelling Insurance

A vacant home poses a unique insurance challenge to homeowners. Whether you’re moving, renovating, or your home is for sale, proper insurance coverage is essential.

Tenant Dwelling Insurance

As a landlord or property owner, there are considerable risks associated with renting or leasing your property. At Gurley-Cooke Insurance we provide dwelling insurance policies that cover the property itself which can indemnify you as a property owner.

Flood Insurance

Proper flood insurance is a necessity in the South. While most homeowners policies do not include flood insurance, it is an important coverage you need to protect your home from disaster.

While flooding can be rare, keep in mind that damage caused by rain, melting snow, storm surge and mud all fall under the flood insurance category and are not typically covered by home insurance.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Insurance provides additional liability coverage beyond your standard home and auto insurance policies and is highly recommend to anyone owning a home, vehicle, boat, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, or anyone wishing to safeguard their savings from liability outside of their standard insurance policies.